Monday, June 28, 2010

The Robot Indian Mix - Volume II

Part II can be downloaded here.


1. Duke of Anxiety – Scout Niblett [The Calcination of Scout Niblett]
Emma Smith, heartbroken at her husband’s refusal to give up polygamy, takes her son and moves to Mexico.
2. I Think I’ll Get My Hair Cut – Jona Lewie [Best of Jona Lewie]As word of Jolon’s rampage across the Midwest spreads, more and more victims turn up possessing the terrible scar from his trademark scalp/brand move.
3. Blanket – Autolux [Future Perfect]
Brigham Young realizes desperate measures are necessary to regain control of the church, and devises the Blood Atonement as a way to enforce order and lure the Robot Indian into a trap
4. I Cannot Radiate Without You – Jerusalem and the Starbaskets [Battle of Orchids]
The secret of teepeeTEK is unlocked by Jolon and Elu. The heavenly balance of male and female restored, the Unification of the Tribes commences as she sends the call for assistance far and wide.
5. Able To – The Eternal Summers [EP]
The squaws rally behind Jolon and his band of teepeeTEK warriors in preparation for the Battle of Little Bighorn
6. Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons [Sigh No More]
The Ballad of General Custer
7. Crazy – The Pack AD [We Kill Computers]
The female tribe members show up to fight at the Battle of Little Bighorn, fire in their eyes and mech-axes in their hands.
8. Nerds at ATP – Fucked Up [Cranking to Sonic Youth]
Jolon rides again, this time followed by the warriors who once despised him. They push East, coming ever closer to an unsuspecting General Custer.
9. 20 Dollar – M.I.A. [Kala]
The Battle of Wounded Knee commences.
10. Darling Dear – Little Fish [Maxi-Single]
Following the Victory at Wounded Knee, Elu finds herself as the spiritual leader of the United Tribes.
11. I Was Born in the 90’s – Mickey Gang [Unreleased]
Following the Battle of Wounded Knee, the first generation of fully-realized Robot Indians are born of teepeeTEK enlightened mothers in the 1890s. Palefaces, too scared to resist, begin voluntarily moving to the newly-created revervations.
12. Taifuu – Happy End [Kazumachi Roman]
Final montage – The battle over, the liberated Robot Indian tribes set to the task of rebuilding their society from scratch.
13. o0O0o0O0o – Oberhofer [Demo]
Roll Credits.

posted by Brady Hiatt

The Robot Indian Mix - Volume I

This mixtape is believed to have been smuggled out of a paleface reservation in the 182nd Year of the Robot Indian, c. 2020. You can download the first part here.

1. Another Likely Story – Au Revoir Simone [Neon Indian Remix]

Roll Credits: The Rise of the Robot Indian
2. Coal War – Joshua James [Build Me This]
Young Joseph Smith joins his mother at a Christian revival outside Palmyra, NY, where he sees for the first time the power of great religious leaders. It is on his way home that he finds the vessel containing the secret of the Robot Indian and the impending Rocket Ship.
3. Which One of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer? – Blockhead [The Music Scene]Young Jolon, a captive of the US Government being indoctrinated as a spy against his own people, begins two years of intense physical training and mental brainwashing at Fort Halcyon
4. Summer of Hate – Crocodiles [Summer of Hate]Following the rocket landing, Jolon, fully armed with teepeeTEK, realizes it is his destiny to go on a rampage of retribution, scalping as many palefaces as he can find to atone for his sins.
5. Drunk – 8-Bit [Self-Titled]
Cut to a Jolon pillaging through Mormon settlements, his bloodlust matched only by the amount of hallucinogenics and alcohol coursing through his body.
6. Going Up The Country – Kitty, Daisy & Lewis [Live at the Echo]
Tired of persecution in Missouri, Joseph Smith decides to move his flock West.
7. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do – Robyn [Body Talk Part I]
Jolon begins to realize that his murdering spree might be an unsustainable lifestyle.
8. He War – Cat Power [You Are Free]
Separated from her one true love, Elu struggles to understand Jolon’s embrace of violence towards Palefaces.
9. It’s Only Love – Tonstartssbandht [Parsons Sound Cassette]
Caked in blood, a broken Jolon hears Elu’s call.
10. Daniella – Hurry For The Riff Raff [It Don’t Mean I Don’t Love You]A Young Apostate and Robot Indian Sypathizer Mourns the Loss of his one true love to the Polygamists at Nauvoo.
11. Outta Control – Paper Route Gangstaz [Hood Headlinaz Volume II]
Sitting Bull bucks the Robot Indian leadership, starts a renegade faction of Indians bent on destroying Jolon.
12. Mantra [What Is and What Is Not] – Visions of a Dying World [I Will Not Fear What I Do Not Understand]
A young paleface disciple of Jolon and the United Tribes struggles with being an outcast in both societies.
13. Rollin’ – Jackie Chain Featuring Jhi Ali
The Arkansas Company tears through Mountain Meadow Valley, simultaneously wary of Mormon attacks and fucked up on promethazine.

posted by Brady Hiatt

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Animal Beach Party! Littorally.

Facing both an oil spill and Oprah's narrating on Discovery Channel (anyone?), life on the Gulf has been moving shoreward--to throw a party? Just in case, here's some active sonar to blast down, from the uninvited:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


MC Shakie's Drop Real Low

Lots of Small Fires

In the car or on a bike, after playing with fireworks, I might listen to songs like these to chill out in the summer time.


This song almost always makes me want to cry.

- MK

Ansan summer jam

One of my students loves this group and introduced me to his pick for the summer jam of 2010.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

boombox backpack

if i weren't hiding away inside my apartment studying for the gmat like a gmat study troll, i would buy a backpack with speakers to wear while biking around boston.

from this spring:
usher's omg

always and forever:
q-tip's vivrant thing

for friends:
krs-one's a friend

my romance:
alicia keys' i need you

for dancing on rooftops:
siik remix: ciara's promise

this is jtmoney. you may know me by my street name, jen ha tan.


second time embedding an object (except you know) whatupwhatup whatup whatup whatup whatup BEN E-C!!

THERE WILL COME A TIME posted by ben e-c

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Over You

Warren Zevon: Desperados Under the Eaves

Summer Anthem 2010.

Doesn't matter where R. Kelly's crazy lagoon club is, you know it's summertime.