Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sanford & Wife

Wife's are even, gov. sanford's odd. happy ending!

1. Mensageiro----PAULO BAGUNヌA
2. Perfidia----Linda Ronstadt
3. Hilo Hula----Mike Hanapi & The Lima Islanders
4. Shout Sister Shout no 1----Sister Rosetta Tharpe
5. Okra----Olu Dara
6. Listen Up!----The Gossip
7. De Dar Do----DJ Dolores
8. Howl N' Heal----Kill The Vultures
9. Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi----Jacques Dutronc
10. Sincerely, Jane----Janelle Monáe
11. Maria----Oscar Peterson Trio
12. Precious----Esperanza Spalding
13. Ekta Deshlai Kathi Jalao (Light a Match)----Kronos Quartet
14. Presently in the Past----Naomi Eisenberg
15. Take The Long Way Home----Supertramp
16. Breakdown----Nyle
17. I Apologize----Hüsker Dü
18. I Want to Be Evil----Eartha Kitt
19. Bittersweet----John Coltrane
20. Together Forever----Best Friends Forever

Sunday, June 28, 2009


1. "Leaky Tunnel"-The Fiery Furnaces
2. "This Lamb Sells Condos"-Final Fantasy
3. "Useful Chamber"-Dirty Projectors
4. "Sputnik II"- Al Barkle with the Tri-Tones
5. "Esquivel: Mini Skirt"-Kronos Quartet
6. "Summertime Clothes"-Animal Collective
7. "Diana Ross"-The Concretes
8. "whoknowswhatthisiscalled"-Stratfords
9. "Tooth"-Kyla D
10. "I Knew"-Lightning Dust
11. "Landscapes"-Call and Response
12. "These Days"-Mates of State
13. "Home"-Parosmiatics

Saturday, June 27, 2009

oh boy oh boysters rockefeller

1. the shake spears: summertime
2. crystal stilts: love is a wave
3. the honey brothers: demonstration
4. major organ & the adding machine: swimming, laughing, playing
5. crystal stilts: crystal stilts
6. the black lips: off the block
7. muvva hubbard & the stompers: congo momba*
8. brian olive: see me mariona
9. prince charles & his royal cats: angelico
10. aretha franklin: night time is the right time 
11. biosphere: uva-ursi
12. ronnie prophet: the world is waiting for the sunrise 
13. bob wills & his texas playboys: big beaver
14. muddy waters: put me in your layaway
15. prince charles & his royal cats: freeport
16. paul korzan: the salamander song

*das potentially racist

from the beach back home

this mix is 45 minutes, which should take you from most beaches in rhode island back to your summer house in providence.

1. lucky dragons - mercy
2. freeway - take it to the top (feat. 50 cent)
3. jacques dutronc - et moi, et moi, et moi
4. pavement - some b side
5. wale - warming up cane
6. yacht - so post all 'em
7. kazim koyuncu - mohevis kalo
8. pink mountaintops - holiday
9. king of prussia - 1981
10. reds, pinks & purples - almost everything under the sun
11. explode into colors - heat
12. woods - rain on
13. kurt vile & the violators - the hunchback

The Fruits of Summer- like peaches and watermelon

These songs could go nice with a lemonade or Orangina, which are my favorites. This boy seems to like drinking Sparks out of a glass. But you could pick whatever fruit juice you like best- maybe even a grape soda. Hope you enjoy!

1) Diana Ross & The Supremes- He's my Sunny Boy
2) Get Back Guinozzi- Police & Thieves
3) Desmond Dekker- Intensified
4) Highlife- F Kenya Rip
5) Orpheus kids at the end of movie- Song that makes the sun rise and they all dance
6) Nancy Sinatra- Sugar Town
7) Asha Bhosle and Usha Uthump- I Love You
8) Dara Puspita- Believe Me
9) Trini Lopez- If you want to be Happy for the Rest of your Life
10) The Cure- Close to Me
11) Galaxie 500- Walking Song
12) The Modern Lovers- Government Center
13) Tommy James & the Shondells- Mirage
14) The Exciters- Tell Him
15) Tom Tom Club- Genius of Love
16) The Wailers + Skatalites (Bob Marley was 19 here)- Simmer Down
17) Bo Diddley- Who Do You Love

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ikerabian Nights Are Hot like Ikerabian Days

This is what I like to drink old fashioned's to when its dark... and so can you!

1) Ray Charles- Night Time is the Right Time
2) Fats Domino - I Want to Walk you Home
3) New Holidays- Maybe So, Maybe No

4) Lee Hazlewood- Your Sweet Love
5) Lata Mangashkar- Aradhana
6) The Invs Vs. Fleur Earth- Fall in Love
7) The Impressions- The Girl I Find
8) Steve Martin and the girl from the Jerk- Tonight you Belong to Me
9) Crazy Dreams Band- Four Winds of the Owl
10) Modest Mouse- Night on the Sun
11) WHY?- Close to Me
12) Elis Regina and Pele (yes, actually Pele)- Perdão, Não Tem
13) Wayne Newton (still baby faced)- Danke Schoen
14) Kyu Sakamoto- Sukiyaki
15) Lee Marvin- Wand'rin Star
16) Young Billy Cole- Sitting in the Park
17) The Paris Sisters- I Love How you Love Me

Saturday, June 6, 2009

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