Sunday, October 18, 2009

Like Skee-lo's Return

This posts a day late and a baller short.

Summer's got 3 deaths. 1) When they close the pools on labor day. 2) When that Old pervert wind sweeps away the young warm jets. 3) And when we dust off some jams to pound the fucking nails in on this season. Just in time for the first snowfall

1 One Thing (Siik Remix) 3:48 Amerie
2 Feel It All Around 3:16 2009 Washed Out
3 Will You Love Me Tomorrow 2:44 Shirelles
4 Indian Summer 3:05 Jamboree Beat Happening
5 Watch The Waves (Memory Tapes V… 3:13 Taken By Trees
6 Kissing Things 2:29 Hyacinths and Thistles The 6ths
7 I Only Have Eyes For You 3:13 Summer Camp
8 NIGHT FLIGHT CHOP Black Dice 3:27
9 Deadbeat Summer 4:03 Psychic Chasms EP Neon Indian
10 one more night 5:38 Ege Bamyas Can
11 Rules Broken 3:17 All-Time Quarterback All-Time Quarterback
12 beechwood park 2:44 Odessey & Oracle (30th Anniversar… The Zombies
13 The Warmth Of The Sun 2:50 Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of T… Beach Boys
14 Indian Summer 3:42 L'Avventura Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham
15 Can't Help Falling In Love 3:03 Elvis Presley